How to Make Your Own Pond

With the improvement of the quality of life and increased human needs, it became very popular to build a small pond in his garden. If you try and fantasize, you can design it as an oasis of another culture (Indian, African, Asian), laying out beautiful decorative stones and decorated with various exotic and not very plants rich fauna of planet Earth. But the construction and construction of a reservoir on its suburban site requires some preparation (not only financial and temporary) and a large amount of construction work of a certain type. Of course, first, you need to choose a place on his country site and dig a pit for the future pond, but this work on the arrangement of your own small body of water will not end.

Natural reservoirs are replenished by tributaries, they have a base that does not allow water to penetrate into the ground, waterproofing they do not need. At the artificial pond, the bottom can be sandy or peat layers, through which the water will constantly leave, and there will be a need to constantly replenish its stock. Therefore, you will need waterproofing, which, in addition to its main function, will be able to save your pond from contamination by groundwater, dangerous for use by humans. Therefore, it is necessary to isolate the polymer film, especially since its choice today is wide and presented in a large range. It is made of polyethylene cloths made at low pressure, welded with a construction hair dryer or iron. Further on the bottom of the future pond is filled with large sand or fine rubble, the shores are strengthened from the possible slide of the ground, and water is poured.

Decorative finish depends on the available materials and your imagination. Your own pond is ready!

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