An Introduction to Pond Equipment – Types and Purpose

The installation of a pond on the homestead is not an easy task. It is no less difficult to maintain the reservoir in proper condition. After all, water should remain clean, saturated with oxygen. In addition, often ponds are equipped with fountains and other additions.

Work on the creation and care of such ponds requires a professional approach and special equipment. It is the technique that serves as a key to the preservation of the created beauty. It depends on it how easy it will be to care for the reservoir.

Types of equipment for the pond

Modern gardening equipment and equipment are very diverse. With them, you can create different effects, they facilitate the maintenance of the reservoir. There are several groups to include:

Vacuum cleaners. They are easy to remove the slul. It is easy to use and very necessary equipment. After all, over time, the bottom of the reservoir silted, covered with a layer of rotting leaves, grass. The vacuum cleaners for the pond are powered by electricity, have a sleeve through which dirt flows. These products are unpretentious and very durable. It is able to last for many years without repair;

Pumps. They are the most necessary equipment for the pond. The work of the pumps is to pump water masses. At the same time, the water is enriched with oxygen. Accordingly, the flowering process of water is prevented. Thanks to the pumps, you can create a fountain or cascade. This will decorate the site, will become a source of pride for its owner.

Two types of pumps for ponds are allocated. Their difference is the way they work. According to this criterion, the pumps are divided into surface and submersible. As the name implies, surface pumps are placed above water level. When working, they should not come into contact with water. Otherwise, they may fail.

Submersible pumps are silent. They are very reliable, easy to operate and install. Therefore, as a rule, it is the submersible models that are used;

Aerators. This equipment is necessary to keep enough oxygen in the reservoir. The fact is that at a certain depth of the pond, oxygen is rich only the upper layers of water. And there is not enough oxygen in the lower layers. The water is not mixed. This situation causes the processes of rotting, watering. The result is muddy water, the death of aquatic animals and plants.

In order for plants to grow normally in the pond, fish did not die, and the water remained transparent and aerators are needed;

Anti-bleeds. This equipment is used to prevent the ice sheet from being covered. They can have different working principles. There are models that heat the water to a temperature at which it will no longer freeze. Such models can work at temperatures of up to 10 degrees.

Another type of model works on a principle similar to that of a pump. They move the masses of water from the depths of the pond to the surface. Because the water temperature at a depth is higher, it does not allow the pond to freeze;

Fountain for the pond. This is an additional option that will perfectly decorate the body of water and the site as a whole. The fountain is usually equipped with lamps. Its work is carried out by a built-in pump, which pushes the water up. There are many different models of fountains. Their cost can vary from ten or more times.

How to choose such equipment

Buying equipment for the pond you need to be absolutely sure of its quality. Otherwise, the effect of their work will please for a short time. The lifespan of such products is short. Therefore, you need to buy equipment for a garden pond from a well-known supplier.

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